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    Quantum Dot Worldwide Market Shares, Trend, Growth, Strategies and Forecasts Research Report 2015 to 2021 | Researchmoz
    (I-BusinessNews.Com, March 05, 2016 ) The 2015 study has 448 pages, 183 tables and figures. Worldwide quantum dot markets are poised to achieve significant growth as next generation systems provide a way to improve traditional displays with vibrant color and decrease the cost of making electronic devices by decreasing manufacturing costs while increasing quality.

    Quantum dot markets are set for rapid growth. Quantum dot market driving forces relate to technology maturity. TV displays, fuel cell catalysts, solar quantum dots, a range of applications depend on the ability to manufacture quantum dots consistently and in sufficient quantity to be useful in a commercial environment. Large screen TV displays represent one of the first commercial application for quantum dots.

    This TV display market is a good market. The overall flat panel display (FPD) market is anticipated to reach US$110 Billion by 2017. Growth is driven by widespread use of devices that embed electronic displays. Displays fit in electronic TVs, notebooks, and mobile smart phones. Ample opportunities exist in the automotive sector as display mediums for entertainment and driver assistance systems.

    FPDs can tap into opportunities in the advertising sector, where they are used for both outdoor and indoor ad displays. Public display systems are becoming more common. Technology innovation,
    lower prices, and robust demand bodes well for market development.

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    Quantum dot films inside FPDs are indispensable to electronic devices that require human operation and as a result LCD and plasma technologies are now commonplace. In the television industry. Quantum dot penetration of flat panel display markets promise to be huge. Demand for thin TVs is strong, with wall mounted TVs accounting for a major portion of the market. FPDs are popular for buildings and transport applications. They are used in digital picture frames.

    Challenges to existing display technology comes from viewer desire for pure colors and low energy consumption. These ffeatures are provided by quantum dots. End-use of big TV displays are expected to drive quantum dot markets throughout the forecast period. Industries analyzed include information systems, personal computers, telecom equipment, instrumentation, consumer appliances, transportation equipment, stationary fuels cells, and medical devices.

    Quantum Dot (QD) and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Market is evolving. The quantum dot market depends on techniques for the development of commercial quantity production. Kilogram quantity mass production of quantum dots is a game-changer. High quality, high quantity and low price quantum dots increase the rate of change in consumer electronics markets.

    Quantum dot technology offers screen quality far beyond what has been available previously. The quality of light is better for displays with quantum dots. New products are emerging as manufacturers learn to integrate high efficiency / luminescence quantum dots into display products. The level of change represents a paradigm shift that creates new industries, products, and jobs in science and industry. The list of possible quantum dot applications is ever expanding. New applications are waiting for the availability of quantum dots.

    Gold Nanoparticles Illustrate Properties Of Colloidal Nanocrystals Size Dependency

    Intrinsic physical sizes are comparable to the critical sizes of many important properties of a given class of functional materials
    Wavelength of the electron wave function
    Diameter of photo-generated excitons Domain size of magnetic single domains
    Large surface-to-volume atom ratio alters the chemical potential of the structural
    Large surface-to-volume atom ratio different in comparison to corresponding bulk crystals

    Strongly size-dependent solubility of nanocrystals
    Presence of size dependent structures in the nanometer regime
    Electron band configuration
    Surface structure
    Surface reconstruction
    Unique crystal structures
    Unique catalytic properties of gold nanocrystals can be considered an example

    Quantum Dot and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) market segments include HDTV and displays, solar, LED lighting, cancer imaging, personalized medicine, telco lasers, and ID tags. All segments are anticipated to achieve spectacular growth, with TV display technology and solar markets reaching over $1 billion per year in revenue by 2021. Qdot cancer imaging / personalized medicine reaches $750 million and quantum dot ID Tags go to $700 million dollars by 2021.
    Vendors, including Nanosys and QD Vision synthesize these materials in solution, and formulate them into inks and films. Quantum Dot LEDs (QLED) enable performance and cost benefits
    Quantum Dot LED (QLED) commercial focus has remained on key optical applications: Optical component lasers are emerging as a significant market. LED backlighting for LCD displays, LED general lighting, and solar power quantum dots are beginning to reach the market. Vendors continue to evaluate other applications.
    Medical applications are potentially large and beginning to reach a level of maturity that represents real market presence. Early stage work with University College London in cancer imaging is progressin

    Quantum dots QDs are nano-particles in the range of 2 nm to 10 nm diameter. Quantum dots are tiny bits of semiconductor crystals with optical properties that are determined by their size and shape more than material composition. Their small size is of nanoparticles is only now making them able to be manufactured in commercial quantities. They are made through a synthesis process. Strong growth is anticipated as companies master manufacturing techniques that allow consistent production

    Quantum dot markets at $306 million in 2014 are anticipated to reach $4.6 billion by 2021 as next generation devices, systems, and displays are triggered by quantum dots. Quantum dots represent the next wave of semi conductor revolution, giving sophisticated functionality based on the size and shape of the nanoparticle not the base material. Because the materials science is so easy to manipulate, the devices can be made very inexpensively with a lot of variety.

    Companies Profiled

    Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies Corp
    QD Vision
    Nanoco Technologies
    QD Laser / Fujitsu

    Market Participants

    Evident Technologies
    LG Display
    N-N Labs
    Nexxus Lighting
    Ocean Nanotech
    Philips / MMD
    Quantum Material
    Shenzhen Vigor Electronic Co.

    Key Topics

    Quantum Dots
    Quantum Dot (QD)
    Quantum Dot LED (QLED)
    QD Ink
    Semiconductor Quantum Dots
    Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots
    Qdot Nanocrystal
    Ink Jet Printing QLED
    QLED Pure Colors
    Low energy consumption QLED
    Quantum Dot LED
    Super AmoLED

    Browse Detail Report With TOC @

    Table Of Content

    1. Quantum Dot Market Description And Market Dynamics 45
    1.1 Quantum Dot Market Description 45
    1.2 Quantum Dot TV Display Technology 45
    1.3 Display Technology 48
    1.4 Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes (QLEDs) 49
    1.4.1 QLED Quantum Dot Display Is Better Than OLED 49
    1.4.2 Quantum Dots Semiconductor Nanocrystals 50
    1.4.3 Quantum Dot Changes In Energy Band Gaps 50
    1.5 Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Commercial Focus 51
    1.5.1 Life Sciences 52
    1.5.2 Applied Sciences 52
    1.5.3 Medical Sciences 53

    2. Quantum Dot Market Shares And Market Forecasts 56
    2.1 Quantum Dot Market Driving Forces 56
    2.1.1 Quantum Dot (QD) and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Market 57
    2.1.2 Quantum Dot Market Driving Forces 58
    2.1.3 Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots 63
    2.2 Quantum Dot (QD) Market Shares 64
    2.2.1 Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies 68
    2.2.2 Life Technologies Qdot Nanocrystal Applications 69
    2.2.3 Nanosys QDEF 70
    2.2.4 NanoSys Materials Architect 70
    2.2.5 Nanosys Product Oriented Collaborations 71
    2.2.6 LG Display Joint Development Agreement With QD Vision 72
    2.2.7 3M 72
    2.2.8 InVisage Technologies 73
    2.2.9 Sigma-Aldrich Qdot Bioconjugates 73
    2.2.10 QD Laser 73
    2.2.11 Nanoco Technologies 74
    2.2.12 Nanoco Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots (CFQD) 75
    2.2.13 Nanoco Group / Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) 76
    2.2.14 Nanoco Joint Development Agreement With Large Lighting Company 76
    2.2.15 NanoAxis Nanomedicine Applications 77
    2.2.16 NN-Labs 77
    2.2.17 Nexxus Lighting Partnership with QD Vision 78
    2.2.18 QD Vision 78
    2.2.19 QD Vision and Cadmium 78
    2.2.20 Quantum Materials Corporation (QMC) 79
    2.2.21 NanoPhotonica 79
    2.2.22 Ocean NanoTech Organic Soluble Iron Oxide Nanoparticles 79
    2.2.23 Quantum Dot Vendor Unit Market Share Analysis 80
    2.3.24 Quantum Dot Market Shares, Dollars, Low End Mid-Range, And High End, Mg Shipped 81
    2.3 Quantum Dot and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Market Forecasts 83
    2.3.1 Quantum Dot And Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Market Forecasts, Units 87
    2.3.2 Quantum Dot and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Market Sectors 89
    2.3.1 Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Application Forecasts 91
    2.3.2 Benefits of QLED Displays 92
    2.3.3 Quantum Dot Commercial Applications General Lighting 94
    2.3.4 Quantum Dot and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Display Market 97
    2.3.5 Nanoco / Dow To Sell, Market And Manufacture Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots For LCD displays 100
    2.3.6 Quantum Dot and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Medical Imaging Dollars 101
    2.3.1 Quantum Dot Telco Laser / QD Laser 1240-1310nm Quantum Dot Lasers 104
    2.3.2 Quantum Dot ID Tags / Quantum Material / Quantum Dot Printed Electronic Ink Formulations 107
    2.3.3 Quantum Dot and Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Solar Market 109
    2.3.4 Nanoco Cadmium Free Nanomaterials Used As Solar Ink 111
    2.3.5 Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) 112
    2.4 Quantum Dot Prices 112
    2.4.1 Quantum Dot TV Prices 119
    2.5 Quantum Dot Market Regional Segment Analysis 122

    3 Quantum Dot Display Product Description 126
    3.1 Samsung 126
    3.1.1 Samsung TVs with Quantum Dot Technology 126
    3.1.2 Samsung 8K TVs 127
    3.1.3 Samsung KN55S9C TV 128
    3.1.4 Samsung 4" AM-QLED Prototype 130
    3.1.5 Samsung Color Quantum Dot Display QLED 131
    3.1.6 Samsung Assessment of QLED 132
    3.1.7 Samsung Quantum Dots 132
    3.1.8 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Nanotechnology Research 133
    3.1.9 Samsung Sophisticated And Improved Curved Designs 136
    3.1.10 Samsung Sports Live and Video CLips 137
    3.1.11 Samsung Platform Powered by Tizen 138
    3.2 LG 138
    3.2.1 LG Quantum Dot TV 139
    3.2.2 LG Display Joint Development Agreement With QD Vision 140
    3.2.3 LG Display / QD Vision 140
    3.3 Sony 142
    3.3.1 Sony QD Lifelike Motion 144
    3.4 QD Vision 144
    3.4.1 QD Vision QLED Efficiency 145
    3.4.2 QLEDs 146
    3.4.3 QD Vision QLED Technology 148
    3.4.4 QD Vision / Philips Monitors MMD Quantum Dot Monitor 150
    3.5 3M 152
    3.5.1 3M Color - QDEF 152
    3.5.2 3M / Nanosys Quantum Dot Commercialization of QDEF 154
    3.6 Evident Technologies 155
    3.6.1 Evident Technologies Lead Sulfide (PbS) EviDot Quantum Dots 155
    3.6.2 Evident Technologies Quantum Dot Properties 157
    3.6.3 Evident Product Designed To Generate Electricity 161
    3.6.4 Evident Technologies Thermoelectrics (TE) 161
    3.7 InVisage 163
    3.7.1 InVisage QuantumFilm Image Sensor 163
    3.7.2 InVisage QuantumFilm Image Sensor for Mobile SmartPhones 165
    3.7.3 InVisage QuantumFilm Image Sensor for Professionals 168
    3.7.4 InVisage QuantumFilm Image Sensor 168
    3.7.5 InVisage Dynamic Zoom 171
    3.8 Nanosys 174
    3.8.1 Nanosys QDEF 174
    3.8.2 Nanosys Precisely Tuned Color 174
    3.8.3 Nanosys Brightness And Energy 175
    3.8.4 Nanosys QDEF: OLED Performance At An LCD Price 175
    3.8.5 NanoSys Quantum Dots 175
    3.8.6 Nanosys Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) 177
    3.8.7 Nanosys Product Oriented Collaborations 181
    3.8.8 NanoSys Visual Experience 185
    3.8.9 NanySys QDEF Return on Investment ROI and Total Cost of Ownership TCO Improvements 186
    3.9 Nanoco Technologies 188
    3.9.1 Nanoco CFQD Display 188
    3.9.2 Nanoco CFQD Lighting 190
    3.9.3 Nanoco Quantum Dots 191
    3.9.4 Nanoco Quantum Dot Beads 195
    3.9.5 Nanoco Cadmium-Based Quantum Dots (NanoDots) 196
    3.9.6 Nanoco Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots (CFQD) 197
    3.10 Kateeva 201
    3.10.1 Kateeva Inkjet Printing Equipment For Organic LED Mass Production 202
    3.10.2 Kateeva OLED Performance Controls To achieve Reliability 209
    3.10.3 Kateeva OLED TVs 210
    3.11 Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies 210
    3.11.1 Qdot Probes 212
    3.11.2 Life Technologies Corp Invitrogen 213
    3.11.3 Life Technologies Qdot Nanocrystals 213
    3.12 NanoAxis 218
    3.12.1 NanoAxis Quantum Dots (QDs) 218
    3.12.2 NanoAxis AxiCad Quantum Dots 220
    3.13 N-N Labs 222
    3.13.1 N-N Labs Cadium Based Quantum Dots 223
    3.13.2 N-N Labs Cadmium Selenide Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots (CZ) 224
    3.13.3 N-N Labs Cadmium Selenide Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots In Water (CZW) 225
    3.13.4 N-N Labs Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dots (CS) 226
    3.13.5 N-N Labs Cadmium Telluride Quantum Dots (CT) 228
    3.13.6 N-N Labs Cadium Free Quantum Dots / N-N Labs Copper Indium Sulfide Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots (CIS)229
    3.13.7 N-N Labs Copper Indium Sulfide Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots In Water (CISW) 230
    3.13.8 N-N Labs Indium Phosphide Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots (INP) 231
    3.13.9 N-N Labs Indium Phosphide Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots In Water (INPW) 232
    3.13.10 N-N Labs Manganese Doped Zinc Selenide Quantum Dots (DD) 233
    3.13.11 N-N Labs Manganese Doped Zinc Selenide Quantum Dots in Water (DDW) 234
    3.13.12 N-N Labs CuInS/ZnS (CIS, Cadmium Free Core-Shell Quantum Dots) 235
    3.13.13 N-N Labs Mn:ZnSe ( D-dots, Cadmium free Doped Quantum Dots) 236
    3.14 Nexxus Lighting 236
    3.15 Ocean Nanotech 238
    3.15.1 Ocean Nanotech Preparation of Quantum Dots 238
    3.15.2 Ocean NanoTech Organic Soluble Iron Oxide Nanoparticles 241
    3.15.3 Ocean NanoTech Water Soluble Quantum Dots 242
    3.15.4 Ocean Nanotech Technology 245
    3.15.5 Ocean Nanotech Water Soluble Quantum Dots - QSH 246
    3.15.6 Ocean Nanotech Water Soluble Quantum Dots - QXH 247
    3.15.7 Ocean Nanotech Organic Soluble Quantum Dots - QSP 247
    3.15.8 Ocean Nanotech Organic Soluble Quantum Dots - QPP 248
    3.15.9 Ocean Nanotech Water Soluble Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dots - CSH 248
    3.15.10 Ocean Nanotech Water Soluble Quantum Dot Beads >> QBA 248
    3.15.11 Ocean Nanotech Water Soluble Quantum Dot Beads >> QBH 249
    3.16 QD Laser 249
    3.16.1 QD Laser 1240-1310nm Quantum Dot Lasers 249
    3.16.2 QD Laser 1030-1180nm DFB Lasers For Material Processing And Sensing 250
    3.16.3 QD Laser 640 785 nm High Power Lasers With Monitor PD 251
    3.16.4 QD Laser 532, 561, 594nm Compact Visible Laser Module 252
    3.16.5 QD Laser 1270-1310nm Quantum Dot Lasers 255
    3.16.6 QD Laser 1300nm High Temperature Quantum Dot Lasers 256
    3.16.7 QD Laser 1000-1180nm DFB Lasers For Material Processing And Sensing 257
    3.17 Quantum Material Corp 258
    3.17.1 Quantum Material Corp Displays & QD-LED 258
    3.17.2 Quantum Material Corp Quantum Dot Display Performance Issues 259
    3.17.3 Quantum Material Corp Quantum Dot Solutions 260
    3.17.4 Quantum Material Quantum Dot Printed Electronic Ink Formulations 262
    3.17.5 Quantum Material Corp Quantum Computing 264
    3.17.6 Quantum Material Makes the Tetrapod Quantum Dot. 264
    3.17.7 Quantum Material Quantum Dots: Man-Made Molecule 265
    3.17.8 Quantum Material Available Across The Entire Light Wavelength From UV to IR Spectra 265
    3.17.9 Rice University Quantum Dot Synthesis 266
    3.17.10 Quantum Material Access2Flow QD Mass-Production 266
    3.18 Sigma-Aldrich 267
    3.18.1 Sigma-Aldrich Core-Type Quantum Dots 267
    3.18.2 Sigma-Aldrich Core-Shell Quantum Dots 267
    3.18.3 Sigma-Aldrich Alloyed Quantum Dots 268
    3.18.4 Sigma-Aldrich Quantum Dots Applications 270
    3.19 NanoPhotonica 279

    4 Quantum Dot And Quantum Dot Led (Qled) Technology 281
    4.1 Quantum dots Are Tiny Particles, Nanocrystals 281
    4.2 Heavy Metal 284
    4.5.4 QD Vision Replacing Alkyl Phosphine- And Alkyl Phosphine Oxide Solvents 285
    4.5.5 QD Vision Higher-Quality Quantum Dots 285
    4.3 TV Color Specifications 286
    4.4 Nanoco Technologies Integrating Red And Quantum Dots With Blue LEDs 288
    4.5 Mostafa el Sayed 288
    4.5.1 Nanotechnology: Potential Use of Nanoparticles: 290
    4.5.2 Nanomedicine 290
    4.5.3 Nanocatalysis 291
    4.5.4 Plasmonics: Semiconductor Quantum Dots And Rods Can Be Dramatically Enhanced By Plasmon Coupling Interactions 291
    4.5.5 Mostafa A. El-Sayed Awards: 293
    4.6 Graphene 293
    4.7 Fluorescence 294
    4.8 Life Technologies Qdot Nanocrystal Structure 295
    4.9 Qdot Bioconjugates 300
    4.10 Applications for Qdot Nanocrystals 301
    4.10.1 Life Technologies Qdot Nanocrystal Structure 303
    4.10.2 Tuneability of Life Technologies Qdot Nanocrystals 305
    4.10.3 Qdot Bioconjugates 305
    4.10.4 Applications for Life Technologies Qdot Nanocrystals 306
    4.11 QDVision LED Light 307
    4.11.1 LED backlights 308
    4.11.2 Nanosys QDEF Technology Optical Film Component for LED LCD Backlight 308
    4.12 Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. QD Laser 309
    4.13 Rice University Quantum DOts 313
    4.13.2 Combined Graphene Quantum Dots, Graphene Oxide, Nitrogen And Boron Made Into A Catalyst 315
    4.14 Ghent University in Belgium i 315
    4.15 Nanosensomach 316
    4.16 Quantum-Dot Plasmonics and Spasers / QUADOPS 316

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